Three Ways to Identify Ethical Issues at Your Company

Ethics and values have to move across your organization. Today, all employees are considered Ethical Marketers, not just your marketing and PR professionals. They all have a responsibility to uphold ethics and values when they communicate on behalf of your company.
Ethics and values are not not just words on a plaque that hang on a company wall. Of course, once you’ve identified those ethics and values, it’s time to think about if and how they’re adopted. Why are ethics and values spelled out and then not demonstrated?
There may be ethical trouble spots preventing good judgment and ethical behavior, which you can identify. Some of these signs can easily be uncovered. These signals let you know there could be ethics trouble ahead. The key is to identify early to prevent the sharing of harmful or miscommunicated information.
In my video, I offer three tips so that you can identify where there might be a breakdown in company ethics and how you can build stronger internal systems.  It was Ben Franklin who coined the timeless phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 
If you want to learn more about being an Ethical Marketer, which everyone is today, then you can check out my book, Answers for Ethical Marketers, here.
Enjoy the video, and then “weigh in” on the ways you uncover trouble spots at your company.