A FEEL-First Approach to Comms to Build Genuine Relationships [INFOGRAPHIC]

I’m on a research journey, because I believe you have to FEEL first to build genuine and caring relationships. When you FEEL (Face Fears, connect with Empathy, focus on Ethics and unleash your Love of the mission) it shows in your communication and you can connect on a deeper level, especially with younger generations.

You can download the Infographic here on my blog, which details a FEEL-First Test with questions to answer before you communicate. Please share this Infographic with any modern communicators or business professionals you know who are trying to reach younger audiences. Why? Because research about Millennials and younger generations reveal eye-opening statistics (you can watch the video below to learn more) and you just don’t know what someone is experiencing by monitoring their social media posts.

Do you really know who you’re trying to reach and engage? Would a FEEL first approach help you to build relationships that are based on care and compassion?

FEEL First Before You Communicate

Here’s a little more info in my video detailing the FEEL-First Approach to your communications.

Featured Image Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash