Take the “FEEL” Test First, Before You Communicate

Here’s a simple test for you to take, and it all comes down to a series of questions about how you FEEL before you communicate. When you FEEL this means you’re able to Face Fears, communicate with Empathy, use Ethics and good judgment and discover how much you Love your mission.

Modern Communicators are navigating a new communications landscape. But, now matter where they share stories, they learn to consider their audience’s situation, timing of their news, the appropriate channels to deliver valuable information, how to segment messaging, and measure on different platforms to demonstrate success. But, when you add the FEEL model to your planing approach, you’ll take your communication, in all settings, to new levels.

Here’s how it works … if you can FEEL, which ultimately makes you more human, open and credible in your interactions, then all of your stakeholders from your employees and partners, to the media and your customers will trust you more. FEEL starts with you but it’s really about the people you want to reach and the strong connections you want to build.

With conversations surfacing around executives and senior leadership being more compassionate and having emotional intelligence, it’s time to add the FEEL model to this discussion. Leaders can be strong and have incredible vision, but it’s their ability to FEEL that will interest constituents and drive their vision and passion.

In this short video, you can evaluate how much you FEEL, before you share your tweets and Facebook posts, speak at your team meetings or give those media interviews on TV or on Skype. In an age when connections look like instant friendship, through any number of social media channels, the truly beneficial relationships will require you to FEEL first!