The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Financial Services & Social Media on April 19th

PRSTUDCHATSocial media participation in the financial services industry is expected to increase as social networks expand in the coming years. Understanding your business purpose and approach on social media is imperative and financial services companies are investing in their infrastructure, guidelines, and engagement best practices. On Tuesday, April 19th at 8:30 p.m. ET, the #PRStudChat Community with gather and share insights on the communication changes faced by financial services companies and how they can engage and participate effectively in social communities.

Joining us on April 19th, is our special guest and PR expert, Jenn Connelly, CEO of JConnelly. Jenn and the JConnelly team have been working with financial companies for years helping them to navigate the social media landscape. Jenn and the #PRStudChat community will be answering and discussing the following:

  • How is social media transforming the financial services industry?
  • What opportunities can social media bring to financial services companies?
  • We’ve heard of #AdTech and #PRTech … what is FinTech?
  • What are the top ways for financial companies to engage on social media?
  • What about policies and guidelines? Does every company need them?
  • Are financial services companies becoming more data driven?
  • What tools can you use to measure social media impact?
  • What should financial service companies avoid when it comes to social media?
  • What are the challenges if you’re a financial services company using social media?
  • What is your advice to marketers and PR professionals about social media and financial services?

If you have any questions on the topic, financial services companies and social media, or thoughts you want to share in advance of the session feel free to DM us on Twitter or post your questions in our LinkedIn Discussion Group.  We hope you’ll join us for a dynamic Twitter chat session focused on financial services and social media insights.  We look forward to “seeing” you on the 19th!

More About PRStudChat:

It began with a simple question asked by Angela Hernandez, then President of PRSSA at Central Michigan University (CMU). “Is PR Right for me?” A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals … A community where everyone can learn and grow together. Read more