Join #PRStudChat on April 18th to Discuss Marketing Consumer-Based Products with a Government Agency

There are opportunities that exist for consumer brands to market within the purview of a government agency. Did you know that certain business are eligible to participate in programs that give them access to specialists who assist in the marketing of their products and services? However, there are also several restrictions in place for these businesses because they have to follow government guidelines. 

On Thursday, April 18th at 12:00 p.m. ET, special guest and co-host, Tyler Madison, Program Manager at Kentucky Proud, will lead a #PRStudChat discussion on “Marketing Consumer-Based Products With a Government Agency.” Tyler handles the creative marketing for the Kentucky Proud program, which offers grants and marketing assistance to the Commonwealth’s agricultural businesses.

Tyler Madison, Program Manager, Kentucky Proud

Several of the topics and questions that will be answered by Tyler and the #PRStudChat community include:

Q1. What is the biggest difference between marketing for a government agency and marketing for a brand?

Q2. What are some examples of brands that were marketed through a private/public partnership?

Q3. Is integration with the brand’s marketing program important? Why or why not?

Q4. What process do you follow to develop a campaign?

Q5. Is your relationship with brands like a client/agency relationship or is it different? If so, how?

Q6. Are there special rules you need to follow?

Q7. What do you offer them that an agency doesn’t?

Q8. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced marketing consumer goods under the purview of a government agency?

Q9. Where do you see the most interaction from your audience? Is there a certain platform where you notice more than others?

Q10. How big of a role does politics play in your marketing?

We’re looking forward to another fast-paced #PRStudChat conversation. See you on Thursday, April 18th at 12:00 p.m. ET!

As always, you can tweet in advance to @PRStudChat@SpinSucks@LKPetrolino@ValerieSimon, or @DBreakenridge, with any questions you would like answered.

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