PRStudChat April Session: Technology & Data Allows You to Target & Amplify Grassroots Efforts

PRStudChatToday, with instant access to technology and an abundance of data, sharing information with audiences is quick, easy and can cross borders in an instant.  The online grassroots effort has the potential to be highly targeted, achieve a greater reach, and create more impact than in year’s past.

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. ET, the #PRStudChat community will take a deep dive into how technology and data can help marketers better target and then amplify a grassroots initiative.

The discussion is open to those in public relations and marketing, who are looking to take their grassroots efforts to a new plateau. Questions to be answered by the community include:

1.     How does a grassroots communications campaign differ from other types of PR campaigns?

2.     Have you ever participated in or managed a grassroots campaign? What resonated most?

3.      What are the strengths of grassroots marketing ? Why should companies bother?

4.      Are local initiatives helpful for a national or global brand?

5.      What are some of the key tactics for implementing a grassroots initiative?

6.      How can technology help facilitate your grassroots marketing?

7.      What considerations should you have in measuring a grassroots campaign?

8.      Which is more important- reach or passion?

9.      When narrowcasting, as opposed to broadcasting, is it possible to scale?

10.   What are some examples of successful grassroots efforts?

11.   What are the biggest challenges in successfully launching a grassroots initiative?

If you have any questions around the topic or thoughts you want to share, in advance of the session, feel free to DM us or post your questions in our LinkedIn Discussion Group.  We hope you’ll join us for a dynamic Twitter chat session focused on technology, data and the grassroots effort.  We look forward to “seeing” you on the 22nd!

More About PRStudChat:

It began with a simple question asked by Angela Hernandez, then President of PRSSA at Central Michigan University (CMU). “Is PR Right for me?” A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals… A community where everyone can learn and grow together. Read more