Special Announcement: #PRStudChat and #PR20Chat Team up to Discuss “Be Your Own Publicist”

On September 20, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. ET, we’re holding a special edition of #PRStudChat, as we team up with our friends, Heather Whaling and Justin Goldsborough and their community, #PR20chat.  Together, we’ll be discussing how to help students use their PR skills to succeed in school and in launching their careers. Joining us that night will be two very special guests: Jessica Kleiman, VP-public relations for Hearst Magazines and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, co-founder and principal of Allen/Cooper Communications. Jessica and Meryl are the authors of the book, “Be Your Own Best Publicist.

The book breaks down the fundamentals of PR and how these tenets can be implemented for self-promotion.  Our authors have developed 10 guiding principles in their book, and we’ll be discussing these tips and techniques at length.  A few of the questions that we’ll be asking our guests and our community members will be:

Q1. What are some of the greatest barriers to communications in positioning your own brand?

Q2. What are some examples of being fearless in your career? Can you go too far?

Q3. What steps can you take to prepare for the inevitable unanticipated career challenges?

Q4. When is it better to collaborate and when should prepared to compete?

Q5. PRStudChat PSA – What hashtag or social media effort would you like to share with the community?

Q6. How do you stay updated on the PR industry? How do you use the info to keep yourself relevant?

Q7. When is it okay to call yourself an expert? Use hashtag #BestPublicist for a chance to win a copy of the book!

Q8. What are the challenges in balancing creative and strategic needs?

Q9. What was your best “mistake” and how did it help your career?

Q10. Does your passion emanate from love of the brand or love of PR?

For those of you who are less familiar with our experts, here’s some additional information on their backgrounds:

Jessica Kleiman is currently VP-public relations for Hearst Magazines, one of the world’s largest publishers of monthly magazines. She has guest lectured about publicity at NYU and the Radcliffe Publishing Course at Columbia University and has written for various newspapers, Web sites and magazines. You can access more background details on Jessica here.

Meryl Weinsaft Cooper is a co-founder and principal of Allen/Cooper Communications, a marketing, exhibitions and events company with a focus on art and lifestyle brands. Previously, as managing director  of the DeVries Public Relations‘ Home & Lifestyle division and as SVP-Partner at LaForce+Stevens, she led programs for a variety of hospitality and consumer brands.  You can access more background details on Meryl here.

We’re really excited about the September 20th chat session and looking forward to helping students use their PR skills to succeed in school and in launching their career.  If you have any questions about Be Your Own Best Publicist or you have direct questions for our special guests, please feel free to post them on our LinkedIn Discussion Group.  Hope to “see” you on the 20th!

A little more about Be Your Own Best Publicist:

In one of the toughest job markets in more than 20 years, with the unemployment rate hovering around ten percent, as well as dwindling job openings and promotion opportunities, standing out and making a good impression is more vital than ever.  This helpful, easy-to-follow guide shows anyone looking to land a new job, attract freelance assignments, stay essential in a current position or get that coveted promotion how they can use PR skills to achieve their goals.  Read more…

A little more about PR20Chat:

You can join #PR20Chat every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET/ 7:0 p.m. CT, for a lively, hour-long discussion about PR and social media trends, best practices and what’s next. Follow along using that hashtag.  The community is focused on discussing how social media influences PR pros’ engagement with ALL publics (not just the media and bloggers).

Moderated by Heather Whaling and Justin Goldsborough.  Our goal is to help PR pros deliver stronger results by understanding how new media is shaping the public relations industry.

A Little More About PRStudChat:

It began with a simple question asked by Angela Hernandez, then President of PRSSA at Central Michigan University (CMU). “Is PR Right for me?” A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals… A community where everyone can learn and grow together. Read more