PRTV Q&A With @KratzPR

Public Relations TV, better know as PRTV, was founded by Harrison Kratz of Kratz PR.  Harrison hosts a series of interviews and webisodes every week to educate public relations students and professionals, and to provide a good resource for information about the PR industry. I was interested in learning more about PRTV and caught up with Harrison to ask him a few questions. Here’s our Q&A:

Q. Why did you launch PRTV?

A. I started PRTV mainly out of a thirst for learning.  I love learning from others about PR and social media and I figured this would be a great way to not only learn a great deal, but also allow others to learn just as much.  This project has allowed me to meet and communicate with some amazing people and has taken me closer to being the influencer I hope to be in the near future.

Q. What are your goals for PRTV in 2011 and moving forward?

A. I think PRTV is going to grow quickly.  We are already scheduling interviews with professionals in Europe and I am planning multiple trips to cities around the country to interview new influencers and extend our network.  I don’t really have an idea if it has the potential to grow into a business, but I just hope it becomes a go to source for information in Public Relations.  I’m very confident that it will be by the end of 2011.

Q.Who inspired you to develop a PR broadcast channel?

A. Brian Solis’ interview with Katie Couric lit a light bulb for me.  I watched that and thought, wow I can do that.  Maybe not to the extent of interviewing Katie Couric, or with the same production value, but I definitely could produce content and interviews for my online community.

Q. How do you think PRTV will help PR students and professionals?

A. We can learn a great deal from the influencers in our industry through blog posts, twitter, and books, but I feel much more connected to that person when I know the voice behind the tweets and blog posts.  These interviews will allow our industry to learn more about the influencers and stars in PR.  Not to mention, our interviews have a lot of content anyone in our industry can learn from.

Check out a few of the latest interviews on PRTV.  Here’s is a link to my two part interview with Harrison.  Enjoy!