#PRStudChat New Year Celebration: Give the Gift of Learning

Stud Chat HolidayValerie Simon (@valeriesimon) and I just recently announced that Wednesday, December 16, 2009 is the next #PRStudChat.  We’re always excited for our Twitter chat, but this particular session carries special meaning and value.  It’s the last #PRStudChat session in 2009.  In honor of the tremendous amount of learning we’ve experienced, since the inception of our community, we’ve decided that the December session will be called #PRStudChat New Year Celebration: Give the Gift of Learning.   The discussion will focus on learning and how important it is to give back to your community.  There’s a tremendous amount of knowledge and information that is passed between the members of our dynamic group of PR professionals, educators and students.  And, with each and every session there’s an unsaid feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for the entire community’s dedication and active participation.

To support our New Year Celebration, the Gift of Learning and to thank everyone involved, #PRStudChat is going to recognize its community with special gifts based on learning.  There will be gifts of learning for everyone (because that’s what we’re all doing – sharing and learning together).  We’ll be announcing the special prizes the day of the chat session.

We don’t want the feeling of thanks and appreciation to go unnoticed.  The Holidays are a time to celebrate those people and relationships that are special and #PRStudChat has helped us to develop so many.  Valerie and I want to recognize all of the devoted participants, who have helped us to build a strong community and also give thanks to several of our special guests over the past several sessions:












Along with our special guests, we would like to highlight some of the participants who have made special contributions to the group, including Heather Whaling, @PRtini, winner of the Putting the Public Back in Public Relations giveaway for the comment most retweeted, and all of the students and educators who participated in the #PRStudChat Student Chat Challenge. Congratulations again to the winning school, University of Maryland, led by Brooke Fisher Liu, Assistant Professor of Public Relations (@bfliu)

I also want to personally thank Valerie for her hard work, energetic participation and incredible devotion to #PRStudChat.  She’s been a tremendous asset in making our community thrive and grow.

As we move forward in 2010, it’s important to remember that #PRStudChat is based on a community that learns and grows together.  I’m learning from all of the members, whether they are students, professionals and/or educators.  None of us are experts and I personally steer away from that word.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, “Together we have the opportunity to learn even more.”  We’re fortunate to learn through the sum of our parts, which is a far greater experience.

When Brian Solis gave his keynote at the April 30th 2009 PRSA Digital Impact Conference, he discussed how the world of social media is evolving so rapidly that even the “gurus” are in a perpetual state of learning.  He stressed that there are no experts yet, just students.

I agree with Brian, and for me, #PRStudChat has been a fantastic experience to meet, discuss and build relationships with new friends.  It’s more than just a monthly discussion; it’s a group of passionate people who talk everyday about a common interest.  It’s people who believe in public relations and want the very best for the profession.  In the New Year, we will have good reason to carry on the celebration.  We should continue to be thankful for the abundant amount of information that’s available to our community, and keep giving back by sharing with one another.

By participating in #PRStudChat you are contributing to the gift of learning…for everyone involved. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to join the #PRStudChat LinkedIn Group to help keep connected to the group between chats. Thank you for a tremendous 2009 and get ready to learn even more in 2010!