New Book Announcement: Daddy Are You Listening?

When do good listening skills start? In the home, when you’re a child, in grade school or college, or is it in the workplace?
Listening Starts in the Home
In my experience, as a parent and a professional, listening starts in the home, and then your skills increase as you learn, grow and get more involved in your work. As I interact with colleagues and clients, most successful professionals want to listen closely or mention the need to be a better listener.
For decades, I’ve been educating professionals to tune in and actively listen to the people around them. However, you can practice listening skills early on with your family members; your first listening skills test that’s a two-way street. Not only are you listening to family members, but they are also listening to you. 
Active listening means you stop, look, and ask questions so you can understand what’s going on. When you do, you can help your children or any family member navigate different emotions. Listening, caring and understanding, especially, help children as they branch out on their own and form relationships outside the home.
Focusing on Listening in a New Children’s Book
Today marks a milestone and an important day, as my husband and co-author, Mark Skrobola, and I launch our third children’s book in the Whisper From Noelle Series. Book #3, “Daddy Are You Listening? Another Whisper From Noelle,” is our way of showcasing the importance of listening and learning how your children feel.
Stop Look Ask : Daddy Are you ListenignDaddy Are You Listening is dedicated to all the Moms and Dads who listen, or who are trying to listen. In the book, the main character, Ashley-Ann, is upset her daddy isn’t listening. Her angel friend, Noelle, who visits her frequently, whispers in her ear that her daddy is trying to listen. Trying isn’t good enough. Ashley-Ann has to help him be a better listener. That beautiful day in the park was when Ashley-Ann learned about listening and why it’s so important. Our new book, and the first two in the series, are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also check out our story and why we wrote the Whisper Series on our website.
Giving with Each Book Sold
Noelle Skrobola Outstanding research Scholar AwardAll of the proceeds from Daddy Are You Listening? go to charity. We’ve teamed up with the College of New Jersey (TCNJ) to award one or two students per year with a fund to help further their psychology research. TCNJ initially set up the award in memory of my stepdaughter Noelle, who unexpectedly and tragically passed away in 2018. Noelle was the first recipient of the award, which was later named, The Noelle Skrobola Outstanding Research Scholar Award.
We hope you’ll check out Daddy Are You Listening and share our book with your families and friends. Listening is one of those critical skills, important for family members, as they support one another. 
Listening is the first step to building a solid relationship and a foundation of trust in the home or the workplace.
Here’s a little bit more about our Whisper Book Series …