Three Tips to Building Your Ethical Marketing Foundation

The road to ethics and values is ongoing. You don’t stop shaping your values or reflecting on your ethical conduct as you develop personally and professionally throughout your career experience.
Ethics and values go where you go; down every road and they’re with you at every crossroad. At the same time, as you travel this road, you my be challenged with different situations that you haven’t experienced earlier in your career and scenarios that you didn’t learn about in school.
As a result, you need a solid framework for decision-making; one with ethics and values at the core of how you think, communicate and how you act. In this video, you’ll learn my three tips to build your strong ethical marketing foundation.
Be sure to weigh in on how you have built your ethical marketing foundation and what guides good judgment in your decision-making and communications.
If you want to learn more about being an Ethical Marketer, which everyone is today, then you can check out my book, Answers for Ethical Marketers, here.
Enjoy the video and the tips!
Featured Image; Photo
by Karsten Würth on Unsplash