Media Consumption Preferences

My daily ritual involves as much media snacking, blogging and social networking as I possibly can for my clients and to build own my personal brand.  Even though my professional and personal life is wrapped up in the social media landscape, cruising along at an extremely fast pace, I still need my time to read and enjoy the written word.

Media consumption and enjoyment comes in many different forms.  For me, when I slow down to smell the roses, which isn’t that often lately, it means I can take the time to really read and take pleasure in a long blog post.  I like to reflect on what the blogger is trying to get across with his/her perspective.  I can’t read Brian Solis’ blog posts quickly, nor do I want to just glance at them.  For the amount of time that Brian puts into these insightful posts, I’d like to take the same amount of time to get something out of them!

Chris Brogan and Steve Rubel were discussing whether or not media snacking is taking over and if blogging is considered antiquated.  I was so happy when Chris Brogan responded in his blog post by saying:

I think there are many ways to come to the media making world. Colleague Steve Rubel recently posted about how he thinks of blogging as antiquated, and how he’s working more and more in the real-time web, or the “statusphere,” as he also called it.

I get this. I understand the interest in immediacy. The thing is, I think both are required. While I think there are several occasions where the instantaneous experience of the real-time web is compelling, I still think there are plenty of times when a well-considered blog post has some value.

There’s a difference between making a meal and grabbing a snack. Eating only snacks can lead to us getting flabby. It means we spend less time in deliberate contemplation. It means there aren’t as many places to exercise our larger thoughts.

Bravo Chris!  I just feel a strong affinity toward a time and a place for media snacking and then knowing when to take a longer moment for the thoughtful blog post.  I also have another passion for media….I look forward to having printed material in my hands.  No, I’m not a Boomer, I’m a Gen X that likes to read different types of media.  Do you know what vacation reminds me of?  Vacation is a time to read magazines and books on the beach.  Sure, I may get a Kindle, but I’m just not ready to give up my subscription to the print versions of Wired, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines

I can also get lost in a book and it’s a wonderful form of relaxation for me. Now that’s enjoyment and I will be ordering hard copy books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble for as long as publishers continue to print them.  And, one last media consumption preference, which if you follow me on Twitter, then you will know I still watch cable and network news (mostly because of my favorite news personalities) and I read the Asbury Park Press every Saturday and Sunday morning.  It’s a part of my morning relaxation therapy, which sets the tone for the weekend.  That’s also the time that I review the longer blog posts that I’ve saved during the week.

So, there you have it…I’m a social media lover and PR 2.0 professional who enjoys many forms of media.  What’s your media consumption preference?