Why is Micromedia so Addicting?

With all of the great blogs to read (and comment) and social networks to join, I keep asking myself, “Why am I so hooked on Twitter and why do I spend so much time there?”  I guess it’s really not Twitter; it could be Jaiku, Plaxo, identica or britekite.  In all fairness, I really haven’t given those networks as much “love” as I do with Twitter.  So, what is it that keeps me captivated with my favorite micromedia social network, from the time I wake up in the morning all the way into the night?

Here’s my list of top reasons and I’m sure I’m not alone:

  • Communicating in 140 characters or less is a constant test of my communications skills. I’m fascinated that I can have meaningful business conversations (and sometimes just for fun), get my meaning across, help people and feel like a member of a community with simple and short tidbits of information. Wouldn’t it be great if we could accomplish email in 140 characters or less?
  • Micromedia is a lesson in brevity and it teaches me to be more succinct in other areas of communication including internal meetings (preparing agendas), Presentations (especially PPT slides), company memos and other communications materials.
  • Micromedia is a quick read and I can easily search for opinions, research, and knowledge that would have taken me hours to uncover on my own pre-social media and web 2.0 collaboration.
  • When I ask a question, I get some of the smartest, thoughtful and insightful answers. Who needs to pay for research when it’s at my fingertips? For me, some of the best information usually comes from my “technology questions,” i.e., when I ask the community, “What do you think of Flock?” Or “Is anyone using Sharepoint? Please share your thoughts.”
  • I’ve found valuable resources for my agency from freelancers to recommendations on PR/Marketing service providers.
  • My network has grown immensely. My “friends” are diverse and they offer interesting and in some cases newsworthy content. Sometimes, I can get the news from Twitter and then find more information from other searches. It’s easy to get lost in the tweets for hours.
  • I find people are more approachable and human when communication is 140 characters or less. For me, if you find an immediate connection in short verses then you know more conversation could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. It doesn’t take long wordy paragraphs of information to identify a valuable interaction.
  • Short micromedia interactions lead to interviews, speaking engagements, face-to-face meetings, new business, guest blog opportunities and other real life, in person opportunities.

If you are hooked on a micromedia, regardless of the network, please share your top reasons for participating and how it is helping you with your communications?