PR New Year’s Resolutions (From #PRStudChat)

Stud Chat HolidayValerie Simon (@valeriesimon) and I want to thank our #PRStudChat community for another fantastic Twitter discussion.  Our chat session was based on giving the gift of learning.  A great way to learn about your colleagues, friends and acquaintances is to listen to their New Year’s Resolutions.  That’s exactly what we did; it was one of our first #PRStudchat question.  We asked everyone: What’s your (PR related) New Year’s resolution?

 There were so many fantastic resolutions literally that flew by me in during the discussion.  Several of my favorites (and I’m sure there are more) included the following:

lmnovo: Q1 Invest more time interacting with other bloggers – leave comments and develop relationships! #PRStudChat

@AnjelleJanelle Great! I think we should all blog more #PRStudChat (Note: I really like this one!)

barbaranixon: @dbreakenridge One of my PR-related resolutions is to help promote my students best blog posts (via my own blog & Twitter) #PRStudChat

 lisaatufunwa: Q1: Making more contributions online, start my PR, network network network #PRStudChat

 AngelaHernandez: Q1 My PR new years resolution is to provide more learning opps for members of my PRSSA chapter #PRStudChat

tressalynne: Q1my PR new year res is to be a mentor to my alma mater’s new PRSSA chapter #PRStudChat

You will notice that these PR related New Year’s resolutions have a common theme.  They are all about learning and giving and this is exactly true nature and value of social media in our communities!

Now for a few of my PR Related resolutions (on the learning and giving side), so you can get to know me better: 

  • When it comes to new technology and emerging trends … don’t stop at the initial knowledge; dig deeper and share the experience with peers.
  • Increase my PR 2.0 Strategies blogging from 2 posts to 3 posts a week (possibly adding in a video post each week).
  • Listen more carefully to PR professionals and identify what keeps them up at night.  Help them to find the answers/solutions to their PR related issues and concerns.
  • Do more University speaking engagements and work with the future leaders in PR.
  • Share more knowledge on social media policies/guidelines, evaluations of monitoring/tracking platforms, reviews of PR and social media books and offer more resources for my peers.

I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday and best wishes for a great 2010.  I hope that you make all of your New Year’s resolutions come true.  Feel free to share some more (of course, we may hold you to them)!