Announcing PeerRatr: Rate Yourself and Your Peers

I’ve been writing about the subject of influence, looking at it from the perspective that influence increases when your peers are personally involved in the rating process.   In order to build your own influence and in order for someone to influence you, certain behavioral characteristics must be evaluated.  These characteristics range from Trust, Passion and Motivation to a Winning Attitude, the Give Factor and a Network of Social Champion Supporters, which can all be scored on an index.  I named this index, the Influencer Characteristics Index or ICI.  After developing ICI, I realized that if we can rate ourselves, and if our peers could rate us, then cultivating specific behaviors, would enable us to grow as influencers; to be more tuned into our peers’ needs.

This is the part of influence that hasn’t really been covered. The numbers don’t always show the personal side of how someone influences us, on what level and how that influence makes us behave a certain way.  And, the numbers don’t necessarily show you what behavioral characteristics you need to cultivate to be a better influencer to your peers.

Two different posts, one based on Rating Your Own Influence and another on Rating Your Peers, produced a new approach to Influence. As a result, I’d like to introduce to you to PeerRatr, a tool to evaluate influence on a different level.  When it comes to influence, only you can determine how your peers influence you and only you can make your influence grow.

PeerRatr is an application that allows you to rate yourself and/or your peers on different topics, by using a set of meaningful criteria.  With all of the different ratings and scores that surround influence, PeerRater takes a unique approach and involves you and your peers directly in the influence process.  PeerRatr digs into individual characteristics that motivate influencers to grow their influence, in a more meaningful and personal way.

Enjoy PeerRatr, and I hope that this tool helps you to grow your own influence and helps your peers understand how they influence you.  PeerRatr is still in Alpha testing, so any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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