Social Media and Public Relations Book Launch

Finally, it’s here … my book, Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, is available in all digital formats and paperback copies too.  The book crystallizes eight new practices for public relations professionals to shift their mindset from tactical to strategic, learn new skills and knowledge, create greater opportunities to collaborate as influencers and to use new practices for professional development, as well as to raise the profile of public relations in the eyes of our executives and the public.

My video discusses a few of the many experts who contributed to my book including: Ariel Hyatt, Priya Ramesh, Jason Kintzler, Sarah Evans, Valerie Simon, Shonali Burke and Brian Solis.  You can watch the video to get a sneak peak at the content shared in their interviews.  I look forward to your thoughts and opinions, and the new practices you’ve put in place with respect to social media and public relations!