The Future of Publishing

I had a conversation today with my friend, @jessicalevin, and she asked me if I had any new book projects in the works.  We chatted a bit about publishing and then I told her I have a proposal completed on one topic that I’m shopping around with respect to publishing options and another idea is still swirling around in my head.  The thought of publishing a new book made me immediately think about how my community wants to receive their information and what the future of publishing holds.

So, I’m asking you to help me to pursue the right option with respect to my future of writing projects.  I’d like to know, what is the best way to capture your attention when you want to read a “book.” And, we all know that today a book comes in many different formats.

If you would take my very quick poll and tell me how you think you will be reading books in the future, then it will really help me to pursue and deliver the right kind of format for my next project.  Thank you and I look forward to your feedback.