Turning the Page To Pure Performance Communications: A New Business Venture

I’ve been busy with “marketing agency life” for the last 20 years.  I took a brief break for some in-house PR, but it didn’t last for long.  Whether you’re working at an agency owned by someone else or you’re running and managing your own company, it requires a tremendous amount of energy, flexibility and dedication to the agency. Long hours and weekends were the norm, but I loved every minute of it.  Today marks a new point in my career; it’s the day that I turn the page, and I close the marketing agency chapter.  I’m very excited to announce my new business venture, Pure Performance Communications, which is a communications and technology consulting firm.

A little bit about how my new company came to fruition: Pure Performance, Inc. (the parent company) is a technology consulting firm that was founded in 1994 to help organizations with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and website strategy, design, and development. Seeing the need to fuse communications and innovative technology, the company launched a new subsidiary company, Pure Performance Communications.  Our goal is to help organizations visualize a better approach to communication that leads to deeper levels of engagement, both internally and with the public.

I’ve immersed myself in technology for years and I’ve devoted my career to educating other PR and marketing professionals regarding innovative communications and how technology facilitates the great collaborative communication that we experience today.  It was a natural progression for me to move toward consulting at this point in my career.  The new company specializes in PR, marketing and social media strategy and collaborative technology consulting.   I’ll also be able to continue my passion for teaching through speaking engagements, workshops and in-house training sessions for organizations.

A few of my colleagues asked me if I was going to miss the marketing agency life.  To answer the question: it will be a good change.  Although I thrived in the high stress environment and I also enjoyed working with numerous creative teams to develop and implement PR and marketing programs, it’s time to move forward. I want to devote the next 20+ years of my career to guiding companies strategically to convert their marketing messages into communication that delivers more powerful connections and better relationships.  Of course, I will also continue on my quest for knowledge. The more I can learn about communications and technology, the more I can give back to my industry and to the many people who have supported me along the way.

I hope you will join me as I turn the page and celebrate the launch of Pure Performance Communications, my new consulting venture!

Here’s our SMR announcement and my video explaining the PURE approach: