The Modern Communicator Builds Relationships that Last

A Guest Post by Corina Manea, Founder of NutsPR

It’s well known that public relations professionals are very good at building relationships. But is it enough?

We all know someone in our circle of friends who is the most connected person, always knows someone in whatever industry and is always happy to help.

Do you know someone like that? Have you ever wondered how they do it? When do they find the time? Aren’t they tired?

What’s their secret?

Modern Communications is about building lasting relationships

Building lasting relationships is not easy. It requires time, dedication, focus, and above all caring about those people you’d like to connect with.

This isn’t about going to networking events and starting a marathon of sharing your business cards.

The modern communicator knows that to build a lasting relationship with anyone, you need to learn as much as possible about the people you’re trying to connect with.

It’s not about knowing their resume, or the latest public accomplishment. It’s about finding those subtle details that are very important for them outside of the business life. When you connect at a personal level, you set the ground for a life-lasting relationship.

Of course, you can’t build a deep, long-lasting relationship with someone you have nothing in common with. No matter how much you try, at some point, it will break.

Because it’s not only about you and the effort you put into that relationship. That’s how you start. But the other person has to meet you halfway.

In today’s busy world, with so many demands on your attention, you may think it’s sort of impossible to build long-lasting relationships. Because they take effort, attention, and frankly, a lot of work, right?


Here is how the modern communicator builds relationships that last.

The power of saying “no”

Deirdre Breakenridge beautifully sums it up in her latest book, “Answers for Modern Communicators.”

“When you start saying ‘No’ to every opportunity, you begin to carefully select the best opportunities, becoming a much more present participant in your interactions with family, friends, and at work too. Saying ‘No’ helps you pursue the best connections, and to also focus on growing the right relationships.”

Learn to carefully select what you say “yes” to. It’s very easy to try to help everyone around you and get sucked up into their problems and little drama, whether at work or at home.

Say “no” to everything that is not aligned with your personal and professional development. Say “no” to things that others can do better and faster than you. Say “no” to things that are not aligned with your values and with who you are.

When you do that, you will be more mindful with the people you interact with. You will be more present and genuine in your interactions.

As Deirdre says, you will focus on growing the right relationships.

Real relationships can start online

Just because you connect with people online, it doesn’t mean you can’t build real relationships with them. After all, social media is about connecting.

If you think about it, we live in a small, interconnected world. You never know what opportunity life throws at you and you get to meet that faraway person you connected online with.

Treat your online relationships as you would the offline ones. Behind every screen, there is a human being.

Some of my most wonderful business and personal relationships started online with a tweet or a comment.

Be mindful when you connect online. Just like you would in real life. Treasure every interaction you have online or offline and don’t lose sight of your goal to grow the right relationships for you.

Become a connector

Building meaningful relationships as strangely as it sounds, it’s not about you. It’s about the people you connect with. How can you help them? How can you make things easier for them?

Is there anyone in your existing network who can help them and vice-versa?

“Just because you have many great relationships doesn’t mean you have to stop pursuing valuable connections.” – Deirdre Breakenridge in Answers for Modern Communicators

The more you grow your network, the more people you can help. Make it your mission to nurture and continue to develop your own relationships.

Building great relationships is about trust. When someone trusts you with their friendship, online or offline, be mindful and treasure that trust. Share them with care and respect.

Building great relationships is also about the time and effort you put in. It’s wonderful that social media allows us to connect with anyone no matter where they are in the world. However, just like in real life, you have to put in time, effort, and intention to move from a connection to a wonderful relationship.


The modern communicator is always looking to build long-lasting relationships, both in personal and professional life. It’s not a “job description,” it’s who they are. And that’s the key to their success.

Corina Manea is the founder of NutsPR. Connect with her on Twitter.