Announcing the Launch of a New Book: A Whisper From Noelle

I’ve spent years writing business books on PR, branding and social media. However, I never imagined writing a children’s book on what it means to FEEL as a way to help parents and children to explore feelings together.

As I was working with professionals to FEEL First (my research passion project), which explores facing Fears, having Empathy, living with Ethics and unleashing Love, my husband, Mark shared that he wanted to write a children’s book as a way to honor the memory of our daughter (my stepdaughter) Noelle. 

Then, I thought about about some of the resistance I’ve encountered in business around my FEEL model. Depending on your industry and company culture, showing your feelings in the workplace setting can be difficult for professionals.

Together we had an “AHA” moment and something clicked! Mark and I knew that the FEEL “work” must start younger, with children and parents, in the home. So, I mediated one morning and right afterward wrote the story, A Whisper From Noelle.” Mark took the ball and ran with it. He worked closely with the illustrator and the publisher to bring the book, A Whisper From Noelle, to life.

Children are impressionable. They are molded by their families in the home environment. Making sure you are present and actively listening to what scares your children, or what makes them happy, really matters. Helping children to learn what it means to be kind, caring and compassionate lays the groundwork for later years. Understanding why it is important to be true to yourself and to trust your “inner GPS” guides children more smoothly into adulthood.

Our hope, passion and purpose is to bring grandparents, parents and children together so they learn, understand, discover and accept different feelings. After all, there is nothing more precious than the feelings of your children as you help them to find their way in this world.

Mark and I have created a short video about the book you can access below. You can also visit our website to learn more about A Whisper From Noelle. All proceeds of the book go to The College of New Jersey’s Outstanding Research Scholar award.

Please help us to celebrate the launch of our new book and the importance of sharing feelings in the home.

A Whisper From Noelle Book Launch