The Good Place & The Choices You Make

Have you been watching ‘The Good Place‘ with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson? If you haven’t seen this Netflix series, then it’s worth a watch. The show is a comedy that gets you thinking about Heaven and Hell. It focuses on ethics and values, the choices you make in life, and where humans end up … The Good Place or The Bad Place.
Every episode is an ethical lesson demonstrating how the choices you make in life are compounded. When you make good decisions (with your values and good judgment) the effects show in the outcomes and the benefits you reap. At the same time, make some bad choices and those poor decisions are compounded too. The show also looks at how your decisions impact the people around you, whether it’s new acquaintances, friends or your family.
Watching the series leads the viewer to ask questions including:
  • What are my values?
  • Am I keeping score of the good deeds vs. selfish actions?
  • Are my decisions good beyond the immediate benefit, or do they have deeper positive outcomes?
  • Are my decisions bad and does poor judgment have more serious consequences?
These are all questions that require additional thought and only you can answer them.
My video discusses the series (don’t worry, no real spoilers here), and also shares three tips on how to make better decisions based on your values.
Remember, ethics are a personal choice and they’re a business practice. Your ethics and values go where you go, following you down every road and surfacing at every cross road. 
How do you evaluate your decision-making and what are you doing for a positive compound effect? 
Enjoy the video!