Announcing #50Shows: Giving Women a Platform and a Voice

Being a woman in business and a mom juggling family responsibilities certainly has presented many great adventures and challenges. They say, “Balance, balance, balance.”  I’ve spent a large part of my career finding this balance between career and family, as well as mentoring other women, both seasoned and young professionals, to do the same.  My mantra has always been to grow by embracing new opportunities, even when the journey is uncertain. I don’t often mention my younger years when I was a single mom and owned a marketing communications firm at the same time. There were some really big hills along the way, but I’m so glad that I climbed them!

For me, it’s been an incredible journey and the best adventure of my life. I’ve always believed the more challenges you tackle, then the more rewards you receive. What’s harder to achieve is worth so much more, whether you’re a man or a woman.

50shows-logo100So here’s where the #50Shows (Empowering Woman) initiative comes into play … I want to tell you a little story about a my new friends and my pledge to help them give women a platform and a voice with 50 Internet radio shows.

When I met Jim Nico founder of the Social Network Show and his partner and co-host, Dr. Jane Karwoski, PhD, I was immediately interested in their work. Reviewing their radio talk show guests was a walk down Interesting Lane. Guests have included amazing women, sharing stories and best practices.  Then, I came to learn about a wonderful initiative just launched by Jim, Jane and their team called #50Shows Empowering Women. There are 50 Internet radio shows available through the Social Network Station for women who want to increase their skills and build a presence in media.

I immediately raised my hand to get involved.  Because of my work to mentor professionals, at a time when different campaigns including #RealBeauty, #ShineStrong, #GirlsCan and #LikeAGirl are top of mind, supporting and empowering women is a natural way for me to volunteer my time. Then, after reviewing the stats about women in media, my decision to participate was further validated.

Following several conversations with Jim and Jane, I’ve become a big admirer and supporter of their work, passion, and enthusiasm. Most of all, I appreciate their genuine efforts to help women to develop professionally, as well as personally.  Our discussions have led other exciting opportunities, which includes me joining the Social Network Association Advisory Board and a radio show in the future … more to come on that initiative soon.

So, as I move forward with new exciting adventures and helping women become involved in #50Shows, I also wanted to offer women a voice on the PR Expanded blog. If you have an interesting story or a journey you want to share in business or life, please let me know.

I hope you will join our journey to help fill up those #50Shows, and become a part of growing community.

Remember, expansion always means opportunity!