A Visual Look at a Few of Traackr’s PR Influencers

When Traackr reported the Top 25 PR Influencers, I thought it would be fun to quickly find out a little more about some of the bloggers on this list (beyond the “Footprint” that was provided). I decided to take a few of their blog posts and drop them into Wordle.net, turning them into beautiful word clouds.  You can tell a lot about these influencers, their interests, critical issues and what they love to share with their communities. Now, remember copying three or four recent posts into a word cloud tool is only a brief snapshot of what could be years of blog posts and PR information.  Keeping that in mind, here five of the top 25 influencers and their word clouds, selected randomly.

Before you go to visit the influencer’s blog community, take a look at each one’s word cloud to help you understand the community focus and how you can engage the right way by sharing relevant information.

Here’s the list of a few of the PR Influencers from Traackr, with their word clouds below:

#2 Lee Odden: TopRank Marketing Blog

#12 Sarah Evans PRSarahEvans.com

#13 Heather Whaling: prtini.com

#21 Peter Himler: The Flack

#25 Katie Paine: PR Measurement Blog