Crush It Book Review

I had heard a great deal about Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) from my peers long before I even purchased his book, Crush It.  They told me that he was extremely driven, energetic and so enthusiastic that he couldn’t help his use of profanity (often apologizing that some day his children would be watching his Wine Library TV videos).   The first question that came to my mind about Gary was:  how does a guy from New Jersey (my home state) turn a business under $10 million dollars into a $60 million operation?  Was it a combination of luck, skill and timing?

I got my answer when I heard Gary speak for the first time at IMS 09 Boston.  I was there to participate on a panel that discussed PR 2.0: The traditional news release versus the Social Media Release (SMR).  I had been out the night before and was a little tired.   Sipping my morning coffee, Gary entered the room and took the stage.  My question was answered immediately.  It was pure PASSION!  He certainly woke the audience up that morning and had us on the edge of our seats.

I had the same feeling when I read his book.  I was on the edge of my seat, not like I was reading a thriller or murder mystery, but feeling very motivated by someone who had pure passion running through his body.  You know there’s an old saying that if you could bottle it, then you would make millions.  Well that certainly applied here.  Gary’s energy is contagious and his book is a motivating story of how you can use passion and your own DNA to change your life.

This book is not just for those who are unhappy in their current jobs and feeling unfulfilled in life.  Of course, they should read this book, but it’s also for people who are happy but just need that extra boost to reignite their passion to experience that useful and meaningful feeling (similar to how you feel when you begin a new career or new adventure in life).  Through Gary’s in-depth knowledge of the Internet and social media, as well as how he tackled his own challenges, you can learn to reinvent yourself to find 100% happiness.

Crush It is a really easy read filled with energy, enthusiasm and most of all passion.  The book’s chapters discuss how success is in your DNA, how to build your personal brand and how there’s a whole new world to experience, if you have the passion and the determination.  Gary’s story is amazing and will make you rethink the steps to your own personal and professional success, especially if you follow his three simple rules:  love your family, work super hard and live your passion.  Excellent advice if you ask me.  Crush It is a book that belongs at the top of your reading list!