Helping, Lifting, and Working Remotely in Challenging Times

Here’s the 2nd video in my “555” series to help 5 professionals incorporate FEEL into their communication, lift up 5 professionals who share excellent resources and to offer my 5 tips for working remotely in challenging times.

As the video mentions, the first 5 people who reach out to me via email ( will receive a complimentary consulting session to discuss how to add the FEEL approach to your communications.

As for the 5 resources to lift others, I’ve included the following:

  • Co-founder of TEKgroup International Steve Momorella’s Crisis Webinar.
  • Wendy Glavin’s new LinkedIn Group called Tech Talk: From Newbies to Savvy.
  • Julia Pimsleur’s CEO Check-In Live on Facebook and Instagram. You can check out information about her event.
  • The #WinnieSun Twitter chat every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. ET hosted by Wealth Whisperer Winnie Sun.
  • Alissa Carpenter’s Humanize Your Workplace podcast with tips on being more aware and human at work.  

You can check out the video for these resources and also learn my 5 tips to working remotely. I rely on certain platforms, devices and having my office set up so I’m video meeting ready. 

My heart goes out to everyone whose health and businesses have been impacted by COVID-19. I’m here to help, to lift others and to share resources and tips.