The Launch of the Women Worldwide Video Podcast

In 2014, I started the Women Worldwide podcast to give women a voice and a platform to share their amazing stories and incredible career journeys. My goal was to have guests offer advice and insights on challenging topics and to empower listeners as they navigated the ups and downs of their own careers and lives. I’ve always said, “If the show can help listeners to feel like they’re not alone as they face obstacles, then we’ve succeeded.”

Podcasting was also a way for me to step out of my comfort zone. Today, we’ve launched Women Worldwide as a video podcast on YouTube. Once again, I’m stepping into an “uncomfortable zone” to build a video show with a team of dedicated professionals, and to experience video with my interview guests.

You can check out my launch video below, which also discusses the first episode with Rebekah Iliff, founder of WriteVest. Rebekah and I discuss creativity and problem solving through the lens of writing. In between the conversation, advice and insights are quite a few laughs. Rebekah made my job, as the host, really easy! You can check out the video interview on YouTube or visit the Women Worldwide website for show notes and the audio version.

Lastly, I’d like to dedicate the launch of the Women Worldwide video podcast to Noelle Skrobola, my stepdaughter, who passed away in September of 2018. Noelle was an instrumental part of Women Worldwide. She worked with the publicists and the guests who came on the show. In the short time that Noelle was with us, she empowered women and she always wanted to amplify their voices. Noelle … this one’s for you!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Noelle Skrobola