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  1. Jeremy @ BuzzStream
    June 15, 2009 @ 3:09 pm

    The point Richard makes about PR needing to be optimized for “search but also for reputational search” is huge. Reputational search is a gigantic source of value for PR. Much of the audience PR used to reach through mass media has shifted their eyeballs to search.

    Companies still need help reaching those eyeballs, and reputation is still the currency that gets you there. But now, it’s more direct– it’s search visibility. Search visibility comes from online reputation, online reputation is PageRank, and PageRank is driven by links.

    Every time a PR firm helps a client get links from major media or even small bloggers, it has very long-lasting value because it factors into Google PageRank, which drives search visibility potentially for years.

    The ROI of PR is easily 10X greater when a campaign drives tons of quality links to a client’s website.

    And PR firms are uniquely positioned to help clients with this problem, so I’ve thought it was odd that they were not singing the search-links-reputation-PageRank song from the mountain.

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