The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Online Newsrooms on April 18th

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We’re gearing up for another dynamic #PRStudchat Twitter chat session on April 18th at 8:30 p.m. ET. Our topic of discussion is the online newsroom, which is used as a centralized headquarters for an organization’s communications content. From news stories, photos and videos to contacts, media kits and investor relations, newsrooms offer information for the public that’s available 24×7 (reaching broader audiences beyond journalists).

We have two special guests joining us the night of the 18th. Steve Momorella (@momorella), owner and founder of TEKGROUP and Sally Falkow (@sallyfalkow), President of PRESSfeed. Our experts will share their insights on how to position your online newsroom as a go-to resource, ensure you have the essential elements journalists expect and the social media features necessary for easy sharing and inform our community about the types of content to help increase exposure and brand awareness.

Here’s a little more on our experts:

Steve Momorella

Steve Momorella, owner and founder, TEKGROUP International, has more than 17 years of direct Internet experience ranging from programming to high-level design and consulting for numerous large corporations including IBM, AOL and Ford Motor Company.  Currently, Steve is responsible for the sales and marketing of TEKGROUP’s Online Newsroom Solution, used by well-known brands including Toyota, Starbucks, Prudential, Walgreens, Sprint, and many of the Fortune 500 companies.  Steve is co-authoring his first book, The Incredible Online Newsroom, to be published in the spring of 2012.

Sally Falkow:

Sally Falkow is the president of PRESSfeed.  Sally has been involved in the use of technology for corporate communications since 1995. She has been evangelizing the use of blogs, optimized press releases and online news rooms with news feeds (RSS) since 2003. In her work with optimized press releases and blogs, Sally found that there was a need for an easy to use, affordable online newsroom that would allow marketing and PR people to add news and other branded content to their websites.

If you want to share some of your online newsroom tips and/or if you have questions for our experts, please feel free to comment on this post, or to start a discussion in our LinkedIn Discussion Group.  We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the online newsroom and how you’re using the newsroom as a resource to increase brand exposure. Please join us for a fast-paced discussion filled with helpful tips, techniques and best practices to get your online newsroom up to date and providing value for your organization.  Hope to “see” you on the 18th.

A Little More About PRStudChat:

It began with a simple question asked by Angela Hernandez, then President of PRSSA at Central Michigan University (CMU). “Is PR Right for me?” A follow up blog post by PR 2.0 expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. This was an important question and one that should be explored beyond one student or one blog post. Why not build a community to help students across the country, and even the globe, learn from the experience and perspective of industry professionals… A community where everyone can learn and grow together. Read more

3 Responses to " The #PRStudChat Community Discusses Online Newsrooms on April 18th "

  1. Hi Deirdre,
    If you want me to participate in these dynamic #PRStudchat Twitter chat session, I would love it.
    Please let me know.

  2. Great panel and topic for discussion Deirdre!

    With lower barriers to entry for publishing platforms, every organization now has to grapple with the idea that they are a media company. It’s at once empowering yet immensely challenging as they’re faced with creating and populating a newsroom and content hub that serves not only traditional journalists, but fans and consumers alike.

    From my own experience this takes a lot of planning and resourcing to be effective for all these stakeholders, and to remain current and engaging.

    Some questions I’d like to ask the panel:

    – Which content do they find is currently being most clicked and shared in online newsrooms (video, press releases, blog posts)?
    – Which individual organizations and sectors of business do they feel are leading with their use and integration of their onlin newsroom – and what makes them so effective?
    – What are the challenges they have seen in organizations attempting to resource for online newsrooms?
    – How do they see place and structure of the organizational online newsroom five years ahead?

    Many thanks, and look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the 18th.

    – Jamie

  3. Deirdre says:

    Thank you, Jamie and we will incorporate your questions into the session. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I’m looking forward to an informative session with our experts.

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