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Grow Your Influence

DAre you lending your voice and thought leadership expertise to important conversations impacting your customers and the public?

Today, you can build relationships and be the go-to resource for many different media professionals and influencers.

It begins with executive media and presentation training, which is an opportunity to work with you to build your communication confidence. One-on-one online video training fine-tunes your media interview and communications skills, key messaging, and physical presence. You’ll also learn the best practices techniques for different speaking venues and media interviews, including TV, radio, print, podcasts, Livestreams, webinars, and panel sessions.

For decades, Pure Performance CEO, Deirdre Breakenridge, has been a media and communications trainer who works with executives one-on-one, on an hourly as-needed basis or in the workshop or training program setting.
Designing a customized hourly program begins with a pre-training discovery session. The discovery session, which analyzes past speaking events and media interviews, will determine more of the specifics of the training agenda and will help to develop the on-camera (video) practice scenarios for the hourly training.
Training Goals: To work on tightening important messaging, being clear and concise in all spoken communication and raising confidence in speaking, both internally with other leaders and employees, as well as externally with media, partners, communities, etc.
Training Approach: To coordinate a series of one-on-one sessions based on the set goals for speaking, media interviewing, meeting presentations, etc., and to use training time to help reach these communication goals. All training sessions are a combination of communications discussion, recorded exercises, and video evaluations.
Communication and Media Techniques: The media and communication techniques may include, but are not limited to: 
  • Getting calm and focused through self-hypnosis and breathing techniques.
  • The ‘Power of the Pause” to eliminate unnecessary filler words.
  • Exhibiting confidence through verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • Message tightening with the 4S Strategy for Better Storytelling.
  • Best practice tips for body language during presentations and media interviews (online and offline)
  • Enhancing confidence when fielding questions with the KNOW, MOVE & REDIRECT technique.
  • Learning the media AGENDA (Attitude, general Bias, Education, Narrative, Data & how audiences are Affected by a topic). 

Then, work with Deirdre and her team of PR experts to connect and build better relationships so you can be recognized as the go-to trusted resource and build stronger relationships with the media based on trust and the credibility of your information.

Deirdre’s team will do the media due diligence and work with you to:

  • Evaluate current communication outreach including any news releases, blog posts, social media content, and community engagement.

  • Develop your thought leadership and messaging at various communication touchpoints.

  • Assess current media coverage and assemble a targeted contact list of print, online and broadcast radio and TV media outlets.

  • Identify major pitch points and potential angles for media interviews, appearances, expert commentary, bylines, etc.

  • Build a client PR activity plan with a program strategy and specific media opportunities to be pursued.

  • Pinpoint core messaging to share with the media as they relate to specific news and information affecting the public.

  • Develop and distribute a news releases as needed for the mainstream market.

Working with the media for decades, Deirdre’s team has carved deep inroads into different media outlets including:

  • TV Outlets / Affiliate Stations in Targeted Cities:

  • Online / Blogs / Print Media

  • National and Local Radio Shows

  • Audio and Video Podcasts

  • Other Media including Live Streaming Shows and Wikipedia

You can take your thought leadership to a new level. Learn about a targeted approach with a team of skilled PR professionals to gain more exposure and greater trust in the market as you grow your influence across different media channels.

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